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More than 500,000 Cameroonians younger than 18 have learning disabilities. Although the Ministry of Basic Education has planned to train 300 teachers as part of the implementation of the Cameroon Politic of inclusive education, the teacher to students with special needs ratio of 1/1600 remains very low as compared to the teacher to mainstream students’ ration that is 1/44.

To solve this problem, we the TechWomen alumni Cameroon 2017  proposed to focus on the training of more teachers as well as sensitizing parents of children with special needs through an online platform (<a href =”https:www.abletoo.org”>ABLE TOO</a>that will connect them to experts around the world and help them to share their experiences, participate to training and access useful learning resources.

Special need is a broad term for a wide array of diagnosis. it range from those that resolve quickly to those that will be a challenge for life, and from those that are relatively mild to those that are profound. It covers medical condition, congenital conditions, developmental delays and psychiatric conditions that requires accommodations so that children can reach their potentials. No matter the reasons in place, the designation is useful. it can help you obtain needed services, set appropriate goals and gain an understanding of your child and the stresses your family may face.

Special needs are commonly define by what the child can’t do, foods banned, activities avoided or experiences denied. This hindrances can hit families hard and make special needs a tragic designation. Some parents will always mourn their child’s lost potentials and some condition become troubling with time. Other families may find out that their child’s challenge makes triumph sweeter that weaknesses and are often accompanied by amazing strength.

Families of children with special needs have little in common. Families with developmental delays will have different concern as compared to one dealing with chronic illness. These families will also have different anxieties as compared to one dealing with mental illness, learning problems, or behavioral challenges.

As in our previous paragraphs, special needs is a very broad term and every situation is unique. Families should focus on seeking the help and guidance needed for their particular concerns. There are, but not limited to Medical issues, Behavioral issues, Developmental issues, Learning issues, and Mental health issues.

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