SPEECH PROBLEM: How TAMO Stephane overcame the disability, and the advice he has for parent, teachers and individuals of children with special needs.

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In an interview with ABLE TOO, Tamo Stephane talks on the disability he was having as a child with special needs.  As a young boy, he did not know that he was a child with special needs since he had just speech problem. He further talks on the difficulties he was facing in interacting with people around him. When ask on the difficulties he was facing during that period, he just knob his head and said the following:

“ as a young boy, I can say I went through hell to interact with people around me. I can remember when I was in class 4 back then. As in a mission school (catholic school Bamunka-Ndop) in the North West region of Cameroon, there was an annual come together were all the teachers and pupils of catholic schools of Ndop parish meet to thank God for the academic year. I was supposed to recite a poem which I did with the microphone but almost 80% of the invited guest did not got what I said. Ohhh It did not really mean anything to me since I was still a kind by then”

He further talks about what he went through when in college and high school. We all know that if adolescent are not treated and monitored with care, something stupid can develop in their mind especially if been mocked by mates because of something there can’t control about them self. Here is what he said

“my years in secondary school and high school was some how a night mare to me. After my first school leaving certificate I got admission into a public secondary school still in Ndop (government bilingual high school Ndop). In form one and wo things were somehow going normal because I was still a ignorant by then. In form three my speech power became worse. I was talking like a lady and the mockery I was getting from classmates was terrible. There was a time where I was not seeing school important anymore because the mockery was too much for me to bear. Due to that I will absent from school with pretext of sickness or not having lectures, and so on. All this Was just because I wanted to avoid the mockery and so on.”

He later told us about the rest of his story when he was admitted in high school and the university. This is what he said:

“After I got my GCE ordinary level, I got admitted into high school in the science section. There I was strong since I decided to put the mockery behind my back. I came across people that never knew me and my situation. So, the mockery was still intense but as a science student I decided to forget that I was a person with speech problem. Some teachers mock at me in class and out of class because of my speech but I did not care and I focused on my education because I knew what I was after (my future). After all, I got my High school diploma (GCE advance level). That same year I got admitted into the university of Buea, South West region of Cameroon. Meeting new people there was somehow catastrophe to me. Everybody I spoke to laugh at me! lecturers, neighbors, everybody. I was giving so many types of female names just to mock at me but I did not mind because I was use too. Thanks to God almighty, after my first year at the university, I consulted a specialist in speech which he advise me and gave prescription. After following the prescription for a while, I was fine.  Presently, I now talk like any other mature man, speaking in conferences and seminars without anybody laughing or complaining of my speech “

“I still came out successful because I was strong and determined. Not every child is strong and determined. So my advice to parent, teachers and persons having children with special needs at their disposal is that there should carter for them and treat them with love and care, giving them their best to make them feel free in schools and class room with their mainstream counterpart. I will advise them to be part of ABLETOO where they will be opportune to interact with a large community of trainers and professional worldwide, discussing on special needs and how to overcome them.”

From the story of Tamo Stephane, we can learn that it is good to offer special education to children with special needs. ABLE TOO calls on parents and teachers of children with special needs to make a difference. Register for free and be train online on how to handle all the various type of special needs because as we all know, every child count.

If you are a specialist in special needs, you can register as a trainer and join in the platform to train teachers and parents


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